Every home has its secrets. Sometimes it's an odd message a previous tenant left behind on the wallpaper. Other times, it's a trap door that leads to a secret room. But for Kelsey, the woman behind the popular Instagram account The Hightower Home, it's a not-so-secret door in her pantry. In a recent Instagram Reel, Kelsey opened a seemingly ordinary cabinet in her pantry—only to reveal that it has another, very tiny door in the back that leads out to her garage. (And, of course, she showed the other side of her secret door.) "Game-changing garage pantry door," Kelsey wrote. "No more walking up the steps with groceries."

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The Hightower Home via Instagram

But Kelsey isn't the only person to have this special feature in her house. In fact, this add-on is lovingly known across the internet as a "Costco door." (Just to be clear, the wholesaler doesn't sell Costco doors. Instead, the phenomenon is named after Costco because it'd come in handy for unloading the bulk stuff you can buy there.)

You might assume that a Costco door would be a godsend for anyone who hates to schlep their groceries from their car to the kitchen, but it's been met with mixed emotions. Some people love Kelsey's hidden kitchen feature and called it "genius." "That's how I would have snuck out of the house as a teenager," one person wrote. "I wanted it to be Narnia," joked another. Others, however, called it a "fire hazard" and "100 percent illegal"—though Kelsey confirmed in the comments that everything is up to code. Another person went the spooky route by writing, "Lawdd I need to stop watching serial killer movies before bed. I'm over here thinking what a cool way to escape."

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And while some people did worry that Kelsey's Costco door would leave her home susceptible to break-ins, she offered her followers some peace of mind. "Thanks for your concern, but this door has a lock on the inside," she explains. "We won't be getting murdered via our pantry door anytime soon."

Spooky or special, you have to admit that a Costco door can make some of those unglamorous tasks a lot easier. The catch? Costco doors only work if you have an attached garage, so not everyone can rock the trend. But if you have an adjacent garage, perhaps you too can add another secret to your home.