Your home is your sanctuary to unwind and get away from the frenzy of the day. One way to make sure this remains true is by dedicating a room to wellness practices, be it exercise, meditation, reading, or power naps. "When you have a space that feels safe and calm, you can let go of the stress that gets trapped in your body," says Tracy Morris, a Washington, D.C.-based interior designer. Morris is well-versed in prioritizing self-care for her clients as she has even designed who has worked on many such "decompression" rooms for clients. Here are five steps from design experts on establishing your personal in-home heaven.

Choose a Soothing Color Scheme

Color can affect your mood, so make sure the hues you select for your walls encourage calm and relaxation. Morris suggests sticking to soft neutrals, blues, or greens. "These tones are known to calm your mind—ideal for a wellness space," she says.

Morris recommends using this palette to guide your furniture and accessory purchases as well. For example, opt for a powder blue velvet chair in a reading nook, or toss a pastel green blanket over a neutral-toned sofa. But don't let things get too busy. "I would stay away from too much pattern," Morris warns. "That visual interest is fun but won't invoke the restful state you need."

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Adapt the Space to Your Activities

As tempting as it may be to create a room that can handle a spectrum of possibilities, narrowing your focus can help ensure it always functions as desired. If you envision yourself reading books, nurturing houseplants, and knitting, you'll need space for storage, an ample bookshelf, and proper seating. If you think you'll mostly be practicing yoga or meditating, consider where you want to place and store your mats. You can even try filling a corner with plush pillows. "In this case, less might be more," says Morris, who points out that even if you have the extra room, you don't need to fill every space in your wellness area.

Make Room for Rest

"A dedicated corner to relax and nap is vital, especially if your wellness room is the only place you're able to find peace and quiet," says Morris. By adding a bed or lounging area, the space can double as a guest room.

She suggests the Beautyrest Harmony Mattress, which is made with sustainable fabrics, has a patented support system for pressure relief and uses plant-based memory foam for cooling comfort. Should you want your dedicated nap corner to double as a reading nook, the Beautyrest MotionAir Adjustable Base includes a slim design and a wireless remote that lets you raise and lower both the head and foot of the bed. Sit up and read, or lay back and snooze—the choice is always yours.


Soften With Textured Accents

"Layering with pillows of various shapes and sizes is a great way to create texture," says Allie Mann, senior designer at Case Architects & Remodelers in Washington, D.C., who recommends arranging a few Beautyrest by Nate Berkus Down Pillows of various sizes on the floor in a meditation area. They have a medium firmness and feature chambered feathers for consistent support that doesn't flatten over time.

For added textured accents, consider incorporating include a fuzzy shag rug, linen blankets or faux-fur throws, and rattan-framed artwork. "This can help create a visually appealing space without too much color and pattern, which can be dizzying to the eye," notes Mann.

Speak to All the Senses

"Don't forget that calm isn't invoked by design alone. Also, consider smell and sound," says Mann. Studies have suggested, that scents like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood lead to feelings of comfort in the body. Light a scented candle, use a diffuser, or sprinkle a few drops of essential oil onto your favorite throw pillow.

Since sounds can affect stress levels too, you'll want something to prevent sirens or barking dogs from disrupting your peace. A white-noise machine, a wireless speaker, chimes, or sound bowls will shut out distractions and transport you to bliss.