I have a confession to make: I write about home décor for a living, but I really can't stand fall decorations. While Christmas trees, menorahs, and other festive fripperies might evoke the most wonderful time of the year, fall decorations tend to feel a little...well, cheesy. (Simply put, filling my home with clashing tartan, faux gourds, and PSL-inspired signage from now until Thanksgiving is a commitment I've never wanted to make.) But recently, I spotted Desert Steel's Pumpkin Luminary Set at Costco—and I feel like my snarky sentiment is changing in real-time.

What makes these pumpkins different from any other? Well, the name sounds vaguely like a superhero or a romance novel, and the luminaries themselves appear to be both powerful and seductive (and would fit right into a Rich Ranch aesthetic). Which shouldn't be surprising. By now, you know that Costco makes the bizarre-yet-genius home essentials you never knew were essential until now. (A dog-friendly mattress? A supersized "party porch?" A Thanksgiving centerpiece made entirely of LEGOS? Check, check, and check.) Naturally, these pumpkin luminaries are no exception. Made with a UV and rust-resistant steel, this set of two pumpkins offer a minimalist way to embrace the season—and a chic way to light the front steps or a windowsill as nights get longer.

Desert Steel Pumpkin Luminary

Pumpkin Luminary

Desert Steel Pumpkin Luminary

$65 at Amazon

Unlike most illuminated pumpkins—which often boast a goofy jack-o'-lantern face that only feels appropriate on October 31—this set features thin slivers emit a subtle glow once the sun sets. (Note that these these babies do not come with lights; however, there is an opening on the bottom of each so you can place them over a small tea light.) Currently, Costco sells two colorway options: White and orange. However, if you're looking for little more variety, Amazon sells a similar option in a few more hues.

Desert Steel pumpkin luminaries do require some assembly, but it seems like the elbow grease is worth it. "Bought these in white for tablescape and fall decor," one reviewer said. "They are great! Great size impression, quality and they look beautiful illuminated. Very easy to put together and happy we can take them apart for storage." "Looks great and glad I will be able to display them outside without the squirrels chewing them up like they did with the real pumpkins," wrote another shopper. One person wrote that these pumpkins are better used as " a fall ornament than something for Halloween," which is music to my ears.

Available for $86, this set of luminary pumpkins is by no means cheap. But since it's impossible very difficult to find fall decor you actually want to show off, it seems well worth the investment.

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