Whether you're strolling through HomeGoods or online shopping for dog toys on Amazon, you're likely making pet-themed purchases based on your personal style. But what about what your dog wants? And more importantly, what they can see.

While humans have three types of cones in their eyes, allowing us to see shades that fall into the ranges of reds, blues, and greens, dogs only have two types of cones, which Dr. Abel Gonzalez says allows them to see the world in "a more simplified color palette."

"Blue and yellow are the primary colors that stand out to dogs," explains Dr. Gonzalez, who is a telemedicine veterinarian with Dutch. "They can easily differentiate between shades of blue and yellow, but their ability to see red and green is limited. To dogs, these colors might appear like shades of gray or brown." He adds that the right color can enhance visibility, promote mental stimulation, and be easy to spot.

Anyone who is looking for colorful, dog-friendly toys will find a lot to love about Earth Rated's new drop. If you're a dog owner, you may already know about Earth Rated, which is beloved for its compostable poo bags. Now, after a two-year rebrand with design agency Layer, Earth Rated is introducing their first-ever line of dog toys. The big news—these playthings come in colors your dog can actually see, and designs you won't mind looking at all day long. In other words, they're dog and human-approved.

earth rated dog toy
Earth Rated

"We know that nothing is more effective in forging a deeper bond with our dogs than the power of play," says Ram Chittur, Director of Innovation at Earth Rated. "This collection offers a better way to play." First off, the toys designed for fetching come in a bright, cheery yellow, which dogs can easily spot. (But fear not, if sunny yellow doesn't fit in with your decor, the chew toys come in a muted green.)

Secondly, Earth Rated's ergonomic toys are designed to promote your dog's mental stimulation and daily exercise. And, third, for all you pup parents, they also are tested to the same standards as children's toys, to make sure they're safe for your fur babies. Oh, and did we mention that these toys look good, too? In fact, they could almost double as a modern sculpture when idle.

That said, Dr. Gonzalez notes that there's more to great toys than a stylish silhouette or great color palette. "Texture, size, shape, and the toy's purpose—chewing, fetching, puzzle-solving—are equally important considerations," he says. "The overall design and quality of the toy and its durability should also be taken into account to ensure it's safe and suitable for your dog."

Ready to replenish your dog's entire arsenal? Check out these pet-approved picks.

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Dog Poop Bags
Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags
$8 at Chewy$8 at Walmart$9 at Tractor Supply Co
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Dog Poop Bag Holder
Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Holder
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Dog Wipes
Earth Rated Dog Wipes
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Flyer Dog Toy
Earth Rated Flyer Dog Toy
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Tug Dog Toy
Earth Rated Tug Dog Toy
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Rubber Fetch Chew Dog Toy
Earth Rated Rubber Fetch Chew Dog Toy
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