You can always rely on Amazon for a swoon-worthy DIY project. And the latest addition to Amazon's massive marketplace—a closed-off gazebo—is sure to set the bar for DIY projects. The gazebo is from Palram Applications, a manufacturing company that sells gazebos, sheds, greenhouses, and other outdoor products.

Their closed garden gazebo will cost you a pretty penny (a little over $11,000 to be exact), but its rust-resistant frame, sturdy polycarbonate walls, and UV-protected roof make for an amazing outdoor space. It also has an integrated gutter system that allows it to stand up to difficult winter weather; so while it's definitely an investment, it's built to last.

    Palram Canopia Garda Gazebo

    Canopia Garda Gazebo

    Palram Canopia Garda Gazebo

    $11,803 at Amazon
    Credit: Palram

    "Surround yourself with the outdoors with the garda closed gazebo," a product description for the spacious gazebo reads. "The garda is a spacious outdoor room designed to be enjoyed year-round. Crystal clear polycarbonate walls with UV protected roof create an inviting lounging space with a garden view for quiet time with a book or entertaining friends & family."

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    Use it for extra storage for your patio essentials, a sheltered dining spot, or even a makeshift greenhouse to indulge your budding green thumb. It's secure enough to keep out pests and the elements, so your hard-won zucchini and tomatoes will be safely protected.

    If you still need convincing, an Instagram post from the Palram Applications account shows the gazebo in action in the garden of a German country estate, where it's currently being used as an al fresco dining room that's sure to be handy on drizzly days:

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    It's a great project you'll be getting use out of for years—so we went ahead and found some slightly more affordable alternatives on Amazon to help your search if you love the idea but not the price tag. Happy building.

    Multiple Size Options
    Hardtop Gazebo
    PURPLE LEAF Hardtop Gazebo
    $5,000 at Amazon
    Credit: PURPLE LEAF
    Charleston Solarium
    Sojag Charleston Solarium
    Now 27% Off
    Credit: Sojag
    Detachable Windows
    Hardtop Gazebo
    Domi Hardtop Gazebo
    Credit: Domi
    Add-On Design
    Add-a-Room Solarium
    Gazebo Penguin Add-a-Room Solarium
    Now 13% Off
    Credit: Gazebo Penguin
    Lockable Doors
    Hexagonal Hardtop Gazebo
    Domi Hexagonal Hardtop Gazebo
    Credit: Domi
    Canopia Ledro Gazebo
    Palram Canopia Ledro Gazebo
    Credit: Palram

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