If your walls could talk, what would they say? Maybe your home would clue you in to that creepy trap door at the bottom of your closet—and the even creepier mementos that lie beneath. Or perhaps it would spill the tea on the former tenant who painstakingly wrote directions under its wallpaper. In the case of Emily Henry, her home would likely ask one simple question: "Did you know there's a pool in here?"

When the glasswork artist began to renovate a spare room in her family's Arkansas-based home, she quickly realized there was more to her hardwood floors than met the eye: Specifically, there was an entire pool and accompanying hot tub underneath the floorboards. Henry shared the surprise on TikTok and while some of her followers were a little skeptical—one commenter in particular was convinced something sinister happened in that pool many years ago since it was covered up—it became clear that she had to do something special with this unusual feature.

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"Although lots of you wanted to see this restored back into [a] pool," Henry said in a TikTok update. "we decided that being surrounded by these crystal clear lakes and being such outdoorsy people, it wouldn't make sense for us to have an indoor pool."

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While commenters suggested ideas ranging from a skating room to an indoor tennis court, Henry and her family ultimately decided to transform the space into an atrium. As an artist whose medium is glass, she wrote, "I hope to fill this room with stained glass, lots and lots of plants, and a small little koi pond for us to enjoy," she said. "We're going to get so much use out of this room, and I literally cannot wait to have a place to escape to."

To that end, Henry installed running water to create a small waterfall and stream and added dirt around the little ponds to plant lots of foliage. (She even has plans to build a live wall and add a hammock for the ultimate rest and relaxation.) Henry has yet to share the final results, but you can follow her journey on her TikTok account. And, if this renovation progress is any indication, the results will be so peaceful.