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6 Benefits of Therapy Whilst Seeing Divorce Lawyers in Sydney


Working with divorce lawyers in Sydney can be a highly stressful and emotional experience due to the nature of separation, especially when children are involved. Seeing a psychologist and getting family therapy at the same time can be highly beneficial as it helps all those involved to better cope with the situation.

Dealing with the legal side of a separation can be tricky –  you have to figure out how to fairly split your assets and decide how much time each parent spends with the kids, all whilst trying to keep your emotions under control.

From lowered stress, better communication and stronger empathy and understanding, here are some of the major benefits of getting therapy whilst seeing divorce lawyers in Sydney:


1.     Faster outcomes

The average wait to get into the courtroom is about 9 months. This is quite a long time. Having to wait 9 months to settle your separation isn’t something most of us want to do. Getting family therapy can allow you to process your emotions, see your ex’s point of view, and reach an agreement easier – and quicker.


2.     Cheaper results

certificate of divorce

Going to court can cost families more than $5000 a day, and more than $80,000 in total, which is obscenely expensive. If you don’t have a good budget and don’t qualify for legal aid, getting support from divorce lawyers in Sydney can be extremely difficult. Solving your problems outside the courtroom using therapy and mediation is a much cheaper alternative.


3.     Process your emotions

During a separation, you’re often so busy dealing with the legal side of things that it can be easy to forget to nurture your emotional side, too. Therapy allows you to process your emotions in a safe, non-judgmental environment so that you can move on – because you have to feel emotions before you can let them go. Your psychologist can help you understand the separation to help you move on. This can help you feel lighter and more positive about life.


4.     Reduce stress

Divorce lawyers in Sydney get a lot of stressed-out clients – which is to be expected, of course. But getting counselling is a great way to ease this stress and deal with negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours which can make things worse. A good psychologist will walk you through stress reduction techniques such as mindfulness, muscle relaxation, meditation and more. They can help you handle the separation in a more positive, calm and productive way.


5.     Better legal outcomes

In addition, getting therapy can help you in sessions with your divorce lawyers in Sydney, as the calmness and objectiveness that can come from counselling is highly beneficial in your interactions and negotiations. You are more likely to make smarter decisions and judgements following therapy as you are more clear-headed.


6.     Support your children

Finally, getting your children to see a child psychologist can really benefit them while you see divorce lawyers in Sydney, as it can help them process their emotions and learn to adapt to their changing family situation. Children and teens often experience feelings of fear, anger, guilt and confusion related to the separation, but therapy can help them process these feelings and heal from them. Remember that children are highly resilient and if supported during this time should recover just fine.

While divorce lawyers in Sydney are not trained to help you process the emotional turmoil associated with your separation, working in conjunction with a psychologist can help you get much better and more efficient outcomes and help get your life back on track faster.