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Everything You Need to Know About Bongs


A bong is a popular name among the smoking community. You have probably heard or know it from the various street names like binger, bubbler, or billy. If not, you are in luck as we define the term and everything surrounding it. Read on to find out what bongs are and why they are a fan favorite for many smokers.

What are Bongs?

Bongs are water pipes that facilitate the smoking of dry herbs. These devices have been in existence for centuries. It is said that the term bong originated from “baung”, a Thai word for a bamboo tube that was used to smoke herbs. Looking at it now, it has come a long way, and you can find it in various intricate designs. However, both the bamboo tube and the modern bong perform the same task, using a similar process.

How they Work

You will hear of how good bongs are from different smokers, but none ever tells you the details of how it functions. Well, today is your lucky day. As mentioned, modern water pipes come in all shapes and sizes. It is mainly to suit different styles and smoking needs. All things considered, they all perform the same job, which is to cool and filter hot smoke from the burning weed.

A bong features a mini bowl where you place your dried herb. Upon lighting the bowl, it starts to burn the weed slowly. The water in the chamber at the bottom of the bong begins to bubble as you inhale through the mouthpiece.

The smoke goes through the water for filtration and rises to the air chamber before it gets to your mouth and lungs. When passing through the water, the smoke is cooled so that when it enters your mouth, it doesn’t burn. That is why many people say bongs are cooler forms of smoking- in all senses of the word.

Advantages of using a Bong

The main reason bongs are preferred for smoking is that they are easy to use. Although they present modern designs, they use the same smoking strategy to produce the vest performance. That is why many newbies choose this smoking method over rolling a joint. Generally, bongs have a short learning curve and require minimal prep work compared to other smoking methods.

The water in the bong performs two things: cool down the smoke while filtering it. Smoking weed directly produces hot smoke that may irritate your mouth and throat. Therefore, if you are looking for a good experience, cooling down the smoke is ideal. And what better way to cool down the smoke than to use bongs? You can even add ice if you want even cooler hits.

The water traps harsh particles as the smoke passes through the chamber. This means that when the smoke gets to your mouth, it is already filtered and safe. Several studies show that tobacco and cannabis contain carcinogens and various toxicants. So, when they start burning, water traps cytotoxins acrolein, and other harmful substances to ensure you inhale purified smoke.

Bongs are also easy to maintain. After using them for some time, you can locate dirt accumulation, clean and wash it using simple steps. All you need is a toothpick, alcohol, and water to have a clean and ready-to-use bong.

One drawback to using a bong is that it can filter out much more than is needed. Besides carcinogens, cannabis contains THC and psychoactive compounds. Once these substances pass through water, they may be filtered out, leaving little to pass through to the mouthpiece. Therefore, you will have to smoke more to achieve the desired ‘high’. In general, bongs are devices that enable smooth smoking and provide an excellent experience for both beginners and veterans.