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Freight Forwarding: Definition, Types, And Benefits

freight forwarding

If you are in the line of international trade, then the movement and shipping of your goods are a significant concern. In cases of exporting goods, freight forwarding is very much required. When transporting goods to clients around the globe, getting an agency that aids your decision-making is crucial.

If you are a business owner who isn’t aware of what freight forwarding is, or perhaps you know about it but are having trouble choosing what type suits you. Not to worry, we will define the concept in this article, highlight various kinds and even explain the benefits of this process. 


The act of handing over everything as regards transportation and shipment of your goods to an intermediary who then finalizes every other significant detail like; contacting carriers, pricing, and other requirements to ensure your products get to their final destination is freight forwarding.

The people or agency involved do not send off your goods or travel them out, but they are responsible for making a suitable and reliable recommendation for your products’ transportation. They analyze the level of products you want to transport and offer routes and means for your distribution.


  • freight forwardingRoad Freight: This kind involves all services done by road. It’s very affordable and is required for domestic and rural distribution. Your goods equally determine if this method is best for you. If you’re a car dealer, using this means could help move your car to a new location.
  • Air Transfers: Though more expensive than the road, this freight forwarding process involves shipping off your products through an aircraft. It is efficient, convenient and also cost-effective when your delivery time is due. It is swift and can reach out to different places around the world.
  • Sea Freight: Like the others, this process involves transporting items via water. This method is probably more suitable for you if you’re into bulk exportation. Most cargoes take up a vast amount of products and are very cost-effective. They send out a lot, all at the same time.
  • Project Cargo: This is a more complex process involving single or multiple means of distribution: road, land, or sea. It is suitable for fragile and high-value products.

Benefits of freight forwarding

  • Manages Cost: Shipping out a large number of goods are usually expensive. But through this process, you get involved with agencies and persons who help with a better price bargain. So you get to distribute your items at a more discounted rate.
  • Adequate Follow-Up: Give yourself and your clients the required peace of mind by hiring these agencies. They have all the right technology to ensure your items are appropriately tracked and followed up. This ensures zero worries and guarantees the item reaches its destination.
  • Available warehouse: If there are slight issues or changes in your delivery, freight forwarding offers warehousing provisions. If your merchandise lands at a location, warehouses are available to store these items until the client is ready for pickup.

Freight forwarding is an essential part of international trading. To ensure goods are successfully delivered on time to your clients, go for any forwarding service that suits you best. 

Whether through air, sea, or road transfers, they help you analyze the volume of goods, get a better price bargain, and ensure your items are adequately followed up until they reach your client’s location.