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How To Make New Friends In Sydney

Two women and men building friendship

When you’re a kid making close friendships is easy, it can be a simple as asking someone to play with you on the playground, but relationships are a little bit more complicated as an adult. Once adult life begins the friendships that you had as a teenager or at university tend to fall by the wayside. Once you get busy with life it can be hard to maintain relationships with people – after all your flat out working a full-time job, you might have relocated and you probably have plenty of family commitments and other things to worry about. As people get engaged, married, have babies, buy houses and move away it can become very difficult to stay in the orbit of people and see each other regularly, so how can you make new friends in Sydney?


Build up your self-confidence

One of the best tips for how to make new friends in Sydney is to make sure you build up your self-confidence. The city can be a hard place to make friends, especially if you’ve recently moved here. Many natives to the city have a small group of people that they’ve known since school and it can be hard to break into cliques. Exuding self-confidence and happiness are the first steps towards attracting the kind of people that you can build friendships with.


Do a hobby your passionate about

A great way to make new friends in Sydney is to take part in activities or hobbies with other people. Join a club or group and do things you’re passionate about. This is a great way to have fun and keep busy outside of work and is also a great way to get to know other people with similar interests.


Put yourself out there

two women chatting and laughing

If you don’t try and get out there to make new friends in Sydney then it’s likely you just won’t. Don’t wait for people to invite you out, make plans with someone you like, or get out of your comfort zone and start chatting to people. You’re not going to find friendships by hanging out in your lounge room so get out and about and meet new people.


Ask questions

A great way to make new friends in Sydney is by getting to know people and the best way to get to know people is by asking them questions about themselves. Listen carefully to their answers and you’ll begin to understand their interests and be able to get to know who they are and what they’re all about. This is also how they’ll get to know you as you’ll likely find common ground and things you relate to when they talk.


Don’t come in with a lot of expectations

Nothing puts pressure on a new friendship like high expectations. It’s great that your searching for new connections, but other people might be in a different headspace and might have different priorities. Don’t get frustrated if you feel like you’re struggling to build a connection with someone new, they might have other demands on their time or things to worry about. New relationships will come your way organically, don’t force things or set high expectations for what your friendships should look like, it’s a recipe for disappointment.


Be friendly to co-workers

Some people prefer to keep things purely professional at work and keep the two worlds separate, which is perfectly fine but if you don’t feel that way then the workplace is a logical way to make new friends in Sydney as it’s where you’ll spend a lot of your time.