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How to Use Instagram in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

In an era of digital marketing where visual images are king, Instagram reigns. The type of business you are marketing for the google search results companies determines which social media platform is the most suitable. For instance, an SEO company in Sydney boosting an accounting or law company can also use Facebook. However, Instagram is useful for a huge range of different businesses, such as food, fashion, music and pet care.

Here are 8 things to consider when implementing Instagram into your digital marketing Sydney strategy:

Use Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers can offer authenticity and credibility to your brand. Paying for (or offering a free or discounted product) a sponsored post from an influencer with thousands of followers can be an excellent way to generate interest in your brand and increase your follower count on Instagram.

Have a consistent style

Considering Instagram is all about visuals, your feed should try to be consistent in its brand image. Try to aim to use the same filter or small set of filters in every photo to keep your theme looking sleek. This will ensure that your feed looks cohesive and appealing, thus attracting more followers and improving your brand’s reputation.

Use high-quality images and video

Poor-quality visuals are an instant turn-off for viewers, so make sure you only post the best. Try to use a high-quality DSLR camera and ensure your subject is well lit. Post interesting and engaging content to increase your conversion rate.

Create video posts

Video posts can be up to one minute long and prompt more user engagement than photos. Using live video is also a great way to generate engagement, as well as helping to foster a sense of brand transparency and a relationship with your audience. Your followers will also receive a notification telling them when your video is going live, and they can comment on it too.

Post Stories

Stories are visible for 24 hours, and can be used in many ways. They can be used to offer a sneak-peek into the day-to-day happenings and behind the scenes of your brand. They can alternatively be used to cross-promote new products, content or special offers, thereby increasing traffic to your other platforms.

Encourage your followers to turn on post notifications

There is a feature on the mobile version of the app which allows you to turn on post notifications. This gives users a notification whenever a chosen account publishes a post. Suggesting to your followers that they turn on push notifications for your account can actually increase the likelihood that they will do so. This in turn will strengthen engagement with your posts.

Use geotags

Geotagging refers to the addition of geographical information metadata to media such as a photo or video. This is a useful practice as it allows you to share information with your followers (such as advice on where to visit), target audiences in specific areas (helping to build your follower count), and also to find local influencers.

Use analytics tools

SEO company Sydney expert looking at a graph

While the number of ‘likes’ an image or video has can be a good indication of effectiveness, there is a range of other information you can use as feedback. Instagram itself offers a built-in analytics tracker called Instagram Insights, which lets you know things like how many followers you’ve gained in the past week. There are also a host of third-party apps such as Sprout Social which offer additional analytics information.

If you’ve decided to use Instagram in your digital marketing Sydney strategy, make sure you use these tips to ensure your implementation is a success. Be patient with receiving followers, as this process can take some time.