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How To Write The Perfect Design Magazine Feature Article

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Millions of journalists across the world dream of one day writing a feature article for an internationally renowned design magazine. Whether it be the “Vogue” of the fashion world or the “Better Homes and Gardens” of the home improvement industry, each feature article should be written with the same level of passion, detail and innovation. Each writer has a specific approach that works for them; however, you’ll find that even the most unique writers will come back to these tips when writer’s block kicks in. If you’re struggling to find the passion for a new feature piece, or if you’re new to the game, then here are some of the best tips should put into practice.


Choose a topic that resonates with you

If you want to write the perfect design magazine feature article, then you need to be writing about something that genuinely resonates with you. It needs to be a topic or issue that matters to you personally. For example, if you love quilting, you can create easy modern quilt patterns that your audience could use too. If you aren’t passionate about what you are writing or researching, then you can expect the quality of your writing to decrease significantly.


Do your research, no matter how knowledgeable you are

In the same vein, no matter how passionate you are about a subject, there is always someone who knows more. Do your research, get in touch with industry experts and opinion leaders, since this will add further credibility to your article. If the issue you are focusing on is incredibly polarising, then you should certainly reach out to leaders on both sides of the aisle, to get a feel for both sides of the debate. This doesn’t preclude you from taking one side of the discussion either; in fact, if it’s an opinion piece, then taking a specific side is expected.


Double-check the proposed guidelines from your design magazine

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Before you start writing, make sure you are appropriate across all the content prescriptions you need to follow, as per your design magazine. Some publications have specific rules regarding the prose, language and style of content produced through their organisation. If you are confused or unsure, then run your ideas and overall approach by your editor before committing. They might have some useful tips that could help you expedite the writing process or push you in the direction of a better writing approach.


Take an exciting approach (something a little different)

As outlined earlier, if your design magazine wants an opinion piece from you, then sitting on the fence won’t precisely grab the reader’s attention. Taking a more extreme or radical stance, on the other hand, might do just that. However, if you don’t agree with either side of the debate, then be honest and present your own opinion. Readers appreciate genuine writing, even if they disagree with what you are saying.


Write a brief outline

Once you know both the stance you want to take, then the next logical step is to get a brief outline and structure down. What will your introduction look like? What are the key points you wish to cover? How do you want to end the piece? If you’re a little stumped, then check out some of the other articles released by the design magazine in question and consider using one of their other items as a template. Most publications generally like to follow the same structure and style, so following the norm isn’t necessarily a bad thing!


Now write

Once you have run through the preceding points, you’re now ready to write a feature article for a design magazine. If you’re someone who gets easily distracted, then give yourself a time limit to get at least get some words to paper. You’ll have heaps of time to edit the content!