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The Mediterranean Twist: 3 Tips For Finding The Best Italian Restaurant In Leichhardt

Best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt

The small suburb in Sydney’s inner west is well renowned for fine cuisine and cultural diversity. It’s like walking through the streets of Milan when you travel down Norton Street and full of endless choices. So, what separates the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt from the rest? It can be daunting at times to consider all the ways that good pasta, pizza and cocktails can be messed up so easily. There are a few things to consider, slowly but surely, you’ll begin to find a common thread that will help you the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt.

1.   Pizza Time

Two women eating pizza

The true marker of the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt is undoubtedly the pizza. The best and brightest marker of any true establishment worthy of the title must have the recipe down to a science. This means, freshly made, none of that processed premade base that has become synonymous with fast food rather than authentic. The best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt will likely have a window to look through just to prove that the chefs are kneading the dough every morning. Wood-fire is optional of course, but a brick-oven is the master chefs’ weapon of choice when it comes to getting the best crust.

Simply put, if you see the chefs kneading the dough before paddling it into a brick-fire oven, you may have found the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt. Bonus points if there are no utensils served with your pizza. Not required but encouraged. 

2.   It’s All In The Vino

A good selection of hearty reds and crystal whites for your accompanying meal is certainly a markable green tick in the box for the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt. Given the frequency of red, white, and green flags in the area, the selection of wine is akin to having seats to sit on in the establishment, it is a necessity to be top tier. As accompanying delicious pasta with a tastier wine is a well-known trade mark of the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt, it is suggested you peruse and research the menu carefully before picking up the phone, a good Montepulciano would not go awry.

While we are on the subject of beverages, our Roman counterparts are well known for their brewing process, famously giving the world Birra Moretti and Peroni as a few staples. Finding an imported beer menu will invariably boost the chances that you have found the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt.

3.   That’s Amore

Handwritten Menu

One little-known but appreciated factor in selecting the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt, is the use of the language itself. Seeing a bilingual menu shows an authenticity that is not seen nearly as often these days. It shows dedication and respect to the culture while simultaneously giving you the option to show off on a prospective date and practice your pronunciation. There is a lot to choose from in terms of Mediterranean establishments, but you can bet your bottom dollar, the more of the language you see, the more likely it is you’ve stumbled onto the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt.

There it is, a few of the secrets you can keep in your back pocket when on the search for a night out on Norton Street. There are so many well-formulated options that it can get a little confusing, do some research of course, check out the reviews online and see what others say is the best Italian restaurant in Leichhardt. Ask the locals where they go for their weekly pizza fix, you can always trust the locals after all when it’s the cuisine of their culture.