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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Shearing Shed

Sheep yards

There aren’t many people that would need, or even have space for a sheering shed, but if you work on large sheep yards, having a shearing shed is probably one of the must haves. There are lots of benefits to having a proper sheering shed, but you need to ensure you do your research first, to allow for the best choice to be made.

Sheering sheds in Australia are quality, because you know they are made local. If you are visiting an outlet factory, you can get up close to the options available to you, and talk to an expert who can listen to your needs and provide suggesting to the best options for you.

Purchasing a shearing shed is a big decision, one that you don’t want to get wrong, and there are certainly a lot of different options to choose from. Price is obviously an important factor, but there are also a lot of other factors that come into play here, that need to pull as much weight at the price factor does.

So, have a read on below at some of the most important things to consider when looking to purchase a new sheering shed:

Temperature Regulation

Sheering sheds in Australia need to allow for temperature regulation. The weather in Australia can go from one extreme to another, but the thing you would probably be battling with the most is the heat. You want to ensure that when you or others are working inside the shed the heat is not too extreme.

It can be difficult to work in extreme heat and it can be bad for your health. So, this is really important that you find a shearing shed that doesn’t get too hot in summer, so people using the shed can work as comfortably as possible. Look for wall or ridge vents, to assist in ventilation, as well as including windows, and potentially even adding in portable fans to be used on particularly hot days.


Your sheering shed is probably not going to be within walking distance of your property, so you will need to drive there. Therefore you need to consider the space around your potential new shearing shed and does it have the ability to be turned into a safe place for yourself and others working there to park.

Room For Sheep

Obviously, your shearing shed is going to have to be big enough for all the sheep you are going to need to sheer. Think about how the sheep will exit, allow for doorways and the pathway to be big enough for even your biggest sheep to make their way through comfortably.


Lighting is very important, especially in a big sheering shed. There needs to be enough lighting so that you and others can work properly and safely in the shed. Make sure the lighting is even so that it limits the chances of any accidents.

Floor Space

The floor space is another important aspect to consider when purchasing a new shearing shed in Australia. There needs to be enough floor space for not only the sheep, but also for you and the workers to be able to complete their work successfully.

Emergency Exit Plan

Sometimes accidents happen which result in the need to evacuate. While this doesn’t happen very often it still needs to be considered. So, when you are designing or looking at sheering sheds already built, an emergency exit plan needs to be put into place, including emergency exit signage and emergency contact information, things like that will prove to be very useful if needed.