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Top 5 Most Common Helicopter Services


There are heaps of private aerial fleets and helicopter pilot training across Australia. Many of whom provide support to private households, individuals and public agencies. During times of crisis or natural disaster, these helicopter services can be essential. In the past, private aircraft have saved lives, preserved property, saved livestock and helped conserve parts of the natural environment. This article will briefly outline some of the most common helicopter pilot training and other services offered by private aerial companies, and how they can help you!


Private flights for state officials

If you work in the government (state or federal), then charter flights are critical to ensuring that you can fulfill your public functions. As a member of the government, you are likely required to visit isolated regions of your electorate or constituency. Indeed, electorates based in rural areas tend to cover large land areas, meaning charter vehicles and taxis are an impractical method of travel.


Aerial tours of terrific landmarks

When it comes to helicopter services, aerial tours are top-rated, especially amongst international tourists. While the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively stalled international travel and tourism, private aerial fleets are still running customised tours of impressive landmarks across Australia. For example, if you want to see the beautiful scenery of the Southern Highlands or the evocative backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, then consider organising an aerial tour for your next domestic holiday trip!


Locust swarm support

Locust swarms can wreak havoc on both state and national economies. No other region has felt the effects of locust swarms more than Africa. While the coronavirus pandemic has dominated headlines for the past 6-12 months, the ongoing locust swarms plaguing large parts of Africa have mostly gone unnoticed by mainstream media and the public across Europe and the West.

Thankfully, helicopter services can be used to combat locust swarms. Indeed, one of the most effective preventative measures is to generate loud noises – hence why heavy aircraft can be useful. Locusts swarms are more likely to break up and disperse into smaller groups if they hear loud noises. Smaller groups are far easier to manage and contain.


Motion pictures, television shows, news and documentaries

man getting his helicopter pilot training

Helicopter services are also crucial to the film, television and entertainment industry. Before aircraft filming became the refined and instrumental process it is today, most films and television shows relied on traditional and conventional filming methods. In the 21st century, however, most films/tv shows in action, science fiction or fantasy genres are heavily reliant on aerial shots.

In recent years, such camerawork and filming have also become commonplace in sporting events. Large events, such as the AFL Grand Final, the NRL Grand Final or the Boxing Day Test use helicopter services to capture amazing, wide-angled shots of the state-of-the-art stadiums, the crowd sizes and the playing field/arena.


Natural disaster support

In many respects, this is arguably one of the most critical helicopter services provided by private aerial fleets. During the bushfire season, the work of aircraft is essential in stymying the spread of fire across the natural landscape. They perform tasks like water bombing and fire mapping to help coordinate the deployment of resources (like fire crews, fire trucks, etc.) when fires are spreading dangerously close to residential properties.

In the same vein, helicopter services are equally significant when proving flood relief. During the Queensland floods of 2010/11, in which 33 people perished, the work of both public and private aircraft was crucial in saving many lives, assets and property. Such aircraft was vital in performing emergency evacuations of small towns under imminent threat, along with transporting critical resources to locations in desperate need of assistance.