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Traveling Trail Tales: Top 3 Things To Do Around Your Tathra Accommodation

Bungalow of a Tathra accommodation

Traveling is a beloved escapade into the humdrum of everyday life, taking you to the most beautiful of places. Down in the south coast of New South Wales is a great sight to behold which can be seen from your Tathra accommodation. In this enchanting town, there are a variety of things to visit and see ranging from beaches, wharfs, parks, dining spots, and many more to look at. Let’s get our adventure caps on and have a deep look into the top 3 things you can do around your Tathra accommodation.

Where To Go On Your Next Adventure?


The beach near your Tathra accommodation has a wonderful space, stretching out across Mimosa Rocks National Park and Mogareeka Inlet. Sometimes whales may show up and even seabirds including the rare Little Tern, a variety of a kangaroo and wallabies that visit in the morning. This is the perfect spot for surfing and sailing, with its great winds extending further out into the sky. It includes a large playground, ideal for the kids to enjoy and have fun. This allows all ages to find something to do, making your Tathra accommodation the perfect place to have a holiday with your family. Alongside the beach, they hold a variety of big events including marathons, swimming gatherings, and many more. Up at the north side of the beach, Mogareeka Inlet offers a sheltered area for swimming, fishing, and paddling. There is a range of opportunities to explore around your Tathra accommodation such as biking and walking trails.

Fine Dining and Wine

The oyster bar nearby your Tathra accommodation offers some of the finest seafood the town has to offer. Right up Nelson Lake in the area of Mimosa Rocks National Park lay an amazing place that is living proof that the world is definitely your oyster. You can buy them from the store to cook yourself or have them made gourmet chef style at the famous Fat Tony’s restaurant. In addition to oysters and seafood, the food around Tathra accommodation specializes in the brunch scene with dozens of coffee and breakfast places around the city including Blend Providore, The Gap, and Wild Orchard to name a few. With all these places in mind, you’ll surely have a wonderful bite to eat near your Tathra accommodation.


The warm is the lookout location perfect for viewing whale migration in the Springtime, with a long history of people taking a peek at this site. This place is home to snorkelers and scuba divers, wanting to explore the glorious nature that surrounds your Tathra accommodation. Sometimes fair penguins, fur seals, and whales in migration sometimes are around the waters, giving you a bit of a taste of the sea life. This site close to your Tathra accommodation has a long history of being a difficult place to create a wharf during the 1800s, but was made in 1912 for farmers to export their goods. During 1914, this place was where the soldiers said their goodbye as they embarked onto WWI. Since then, the wharf has been used to travel stock around the nation and beyond.

Mimosa Rocks National Park

For those looking to get out of the beachy spots and into a more quiet and serene area look no further than Mimosa Rocks National Park which is close to your Tathra accommodation. In just a short drive, you can be close to breathtaking views, gorgeous bushland, and animals that behold the place. Right here near your Tathra accommodation, you can do surfing, fishing, birdwatching, snorkeling and even hold a picnic with your nearest and dearest.