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What is a Scaffold? Some Types And Uses


Are you here to understand what a scaffold is all about? Then you made the right stop. We’ll give you an overview of what this structure is, its types, and its uses. This tool, also known as scaffolding or staging, is a structure that is very crucial in construction sites. 

These frameworks are multipurpose and temporary structures used as a platform by construction workers while supporting the original building. These structures are made of wood, pipes, poles, or steel. They have to be appropriately completed to support the weight of workers and the equipment placed on them.

The scaffold usage is included in the safety regulations on a construction site, and the standard has been set for its layout and use. About 40% of accidents on the site result from faulty staging and consequent falls of workers from heights. 

So, you must adequately build these structures with high-quality, durable materials. And for better performance, you should construct yours with wood or steel.

Let us take a look at the types

Depending on construction needs, these structures may vary. Each type has its peculiar qualities and use. Here are a few common varieties that are found on construction sites.

  • Single Scaffold.

This structure is also called bricklayers scaffoldings. It is the oldest and basic form used in building sites for masonry. This staging type includes putlogs, ledgers, and standards which link the wall at a 1.2m distance.

These parts are fixed to your building’s framework by technical calculations to keep it firm and offer desired support.

  • Double or Mason’s

Construction workers mainly use this staging form for plastering. It consists of inner and outer verticals. The putlogs of this model are supported by the two vertical pairs instead of the wall.

This scaffold consists of additional parts like the rakers and cross braces that support the model.

  • Trestle

This scaffold is supported by tripod-type moveable ladders. The structure’s usage is only limited to indoors because the height of this staging can only get up to 5 meters. They are used for painting, repairs, and maintenance works.

  • Patented Scaffoldings.

These structures are usually ready-made and are made of steel. They’re fitted with parts like frames and special couplings. You don’t need to couple them as they are purchased and ready to use.

The platform for working on this staging is positioned on brackets, and these brackets can be attuned to meet different heights of your building.

  • Wooden and Bamboo 

This scaffold is standard worldwide and is notable for its eco-friendly and flexible nature. Construction workers move around the layer and stories of this staging while working. They are used for many activities, including plastering, wiring, and piping.

Other types found in construction sites are steel, kwikstage, cantilever, suspended, and tube and clip. These structures are essential for construction workers like labourers, painters, carpenters, electricians, and maintenance technicians. Now that you understand what these are and their types, you can proceed to buy a scaffold suitable for your construction project. We wish you the best.