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What Is Shiseido Hair Straightening?

Woman with a dry hair

Modern technology means it’s no longer anywhere close to as much as a nightmare to have frizzy or curly hair as it once was. Nowadays you can banish the frizz for good if you like with Shiseido hair straightening. This process has won many fans thanks to the shiny, perfectly pin straight results that it produces, but if not done correctly by a professional it can cause permanent and irrevocable damage. Shiseido hair straightening is a popular permanent straightening method that uses a chemical solution to change the bonds of the hair follicle to straighten it out. It is very similar to the popular Brazilian blowout treatments but was first introduced in Japan. Nowadays it is popular in salons throughout the world and has helped many women to get their frizzy and unmanageable curls under control but it’s important to know that it involves chemical processing and that caution should be exercised before diving headfirst into getting this treatment performed. Read on below to find out what you need to know about Shiseido hair straightening and what you should ask your hairdresser if you’re planning on getting this treatment.


How long does Shiseido hair straightening last?

The treatment is permanent in the sense that it will last forever on the hair that is treated, meaning it won’t return to being curly or wavy but any new growth will be your natural texture so it is necessary to get the treatment performed again. Usually, you’ll need to go back to the salon about once every three to six months or so.


What kind of hair is suitable for the treatment?

The treatment works on almost every hair type, except for Afro hair as this often becomes too brittle under the heat and chemicals. Almost all other hair types can manage the treatment so long as they are in good condition and not damaged before the treatment.


What will my hair look and feel like afterward?

woman availed a Shiseido hair straightening procedure

Shiseido hair straightening will make your hair feel much softer and silkier, you’ll also notice much more shine and a much smoother texture. No more frizz or unruliness, instead you’ll wake up and have perfect hair from the get-go, even without heat styling.


Will I still have to blow dry?

woman getting her hair blow dry

You might still want to blow dry if you need to get your hair dry quickly but you’ll find it is much, much quicker, and doesn’t need anything more than a few minutes of your time. You’ll get perfect results will far less effort.


Do I have to treat all of my hair when getting my regrowth done?

When getting your regrowth done you’ll only need to worry about treating the regrowth itself. Your already treated hair will be left alone as it is permanently treated and doesn’t require re-treatment.


Does it matter if I’ve colored my hair? 

Some types of dyes, especially black dye can cause problems but generally, semi and demi-permanent hair colors are fine and will not cause any issues with Shiseido hair straightening.


Can I get it done if I’ve bleached my hair? 

Bleach can cause issues so it’s best to check with your stylist to ensure that no surprises happen during processing.


How much does it cost?

Most salons will charge between $250 and $600 depending on your hair’s length and thickness. The number of chemicals involved will impact the price. The process is usually costly because it is very time consuming and can take several hours. It also takes a high level of skill and knowledge to perform the treatment correctly.