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Why AFSS Certification is Beneficial for Commercial Members

AFSS certification

The Annual Fire Safety Statement, or AFSS for short, is a program run by state fire departments in conjunction with insurance providers. 

Local businesses might consider this time and energy as something of an inconvenience, but access to AFSS certification delivers a range of benefits for commercial members.

This is a chance to survey why the initiative matters and why it provides residual advantages that may not be realised until months or years later. 

Adhering Strict Health & Safety Protocols 

Any owner or manager of an organisation will appreciate how strict health and safety protocols are in the current climate. While this can be a headache for participants, they are provisions that are in place for a reason. Opting to go down the AFSS certification path covers this base. From council bodies and other parties that survey the status of each brand, they need to know that the client has done their due diligence through these official avenues before they can meet public requirements. 

Working Within Insurance Parameters 

If a building burns down or a warehouse catches on fire, then insurance claims are sure to follow. However, without working through AFSS certification, can that money be assured? Part of the protocol in this regard is ticking the right boxes with fire representatives who deliver a document that is lodged through insurance providers. When the claim is finally submitted, it has a far better chance of success than it would have without it. 

Improving Fire Danger Awareness 

Sometimes it can be the smallest details that help in the long run with AFSS certification. Fire hazards can begin with the placement of the wrong appliance at the wrong time. From the connection of electrical systems to heating elements and beyond, it pays for every staff member to be educated about the reg flags and warning signs. If a fire can be prevented ahead of time, that will be the benefit that counts the most. 

Examining Equipment & Entry, Exit Points 

One of the key benefits of going through this fire safety process and receiving certification is tracking what equipment is on hand and where the right entry and exit points are. From an axe to break down doors to extinguishers, hoses, sprinklers, first aid kits, signage, fire blankets and alarms, there are utilities that should be in place. The same principle applies with designated entry and exit points with official signs that are visible. 

Investing in Trusted Professionals 

The entire program with AFSS certification will be questionable if it was overseen by practitioners who were not experienced or qualified. Fire representatives through official departments in local areas will help to run and engage the process from top to bottom. In this setting, commercial members can talk to operators in real time, have their questions addressed and ensure that they are receiving the most updated advice regarding best practice for fire hazard cases. 

Protecting People’s Wellbeing 

Why is AFSS certification ultimately beneficial for businesses? The fact remains this is a process that can save lives, something that is easily overlooked and underappreciated until an emergency occurs. Even if individuals are fortunate enough to leave the premises, the risk of smoke inhalation can leave lasting health effects. No shortcuts can be taken in this regard because anyone can find themselves suddenly in a situation where they need to be protected and removed from a fire, a worst case scenario that requires preparation. 

AFSS certification is far more than just a neat PR exercise. While the motivations for owners and managers won’t always be consistent on this front, it is clear that the intervention of these industry operators only helps the cause for enterprises that need to be covered on a number of counts. This is where it is helpful to research available specialists, get in contact about their program and see what can be scheduled.