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Why Creating Wedding Cards Can Be An Affordable Couple Project

wedding invitations

There is nothing wrong with brides and grooms being savvy about their expenditure on wedding cards.

In fact, given the size of the investment with the ceremony when calculating event hire, attire, accommodation, catering and more, the invitations themselves should be one of the more affordable projects on the table.

And the good news is that they don’t have to compromise on quality or creativity to truly look the part.

There are some clever DIY methods that will help to cut the bill down on the cards – so let us take some time out now to explore them in detail.


Cheap Cardstock is Available

To start the cost-saving measures with wedding cards, the cardstock should be sourced from affordable materials. From standard reams of paper in bulk A4 stock to recycled paper alternatives that really lower the price, the high-end materials will only work to elevate the bill. This option can help to set the tone for a creative process that still ticks all of the necessary boxes without falling into the traps of branded products. Keep the prices low by working with affordable cardstock first.


Free Template Access

If inspiration is falling a bit short with wedding cards, then there is nothing getting in the way of accessing free template designs. These software programs allow users to switch and alter colours, fonts, backgrounds and other elements at their own leisure without paying for extensive presentations. Professional wedding planners and printers will embrace many of these same programs but they are available to use at entry-level for those that want to keep their dollars and cents in check. Even if they are not used directly, they can help spark an idea for a theme or a style that is leveraged at another stage.


Regular Envelopes Are Perfect

The project of designing wedding cards can really escalate when couples go big on the envelope design on top of the invitation. Instead of falling into that trap, stay consistent with standard envelopes that serve the same purpose. This can allow the couple to keep an element of surprise for the guest list recipients without having to make the entire production a significant investment.


Information Should Be Condensed

For men and women concerned about packing in a lot of information on their wedding cards to make these items sizeable, they should know that they are best when they are condensed. In many cases, the reservation (RSVP) and accommodation information will be included on a separate card within the same envelope. All in all, this is a project that needs to communicate a handful of key facts:

  • Name of couple
  • Name of host
  • Potential theme
  • Venue location/address
  • Date & Time
  • Attire
  • How to RSVP

Any other details can be saved for a website or Facebook page which offers a cheap method of condensing the material down to its essentials only.


Glossy Extras Add Minimal Value

Features like embossing and engraving might offer something of an aesthetic appeal, but when weighing up the cost of wedding cards these extras rarely provide a great return on investment. Especially for those couples who have dozens if not hundreds of guests on their invitation list, this can add upwards of $500 of production value just for a point of difference on the texture. With beautiful fonts and colours readily accessible, there is no need to fall for these features.


Creating wedding cards should be a fun and delightful process that couples will cherish for years. This task becomes difficult if there is concern about cost. Stick to these principle to ensure that the product remains perfect without overstepping the budget.